Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Galper Discusses New AIDS Screening Guidelines

BISBEE, AZ – The University of Arizona Medical School’s Dr. Carol Q. Galper, Clinical Assistant Professor in Family & Community Medicine and Director of the Rural Health Professions Program, will be in Bisbee on May 28 at 6:30pm in the Copper Queen Library Meeting Room to discuss “Why Would My Doctor Test ME for HIV? HIV Testing: The New Screening Guidelines.”

Her presentation kicks off educational and informational programming sponsored throughout June by the Copper Queen Library in conjunction with GLBT Month and in cooperation with Bisbee Pride’s Pride Weekend Celebration (June 13-15).

In a major shift in U.S. health policy, the Center for Disease Control has issued recommendations to make HIV screening a routine part of getting health care. The change means that when patients see a doctor or go to a hospital, they will be asked if they've been tested for HIV and, if they haven't been, their health care provider will ask them to be screened or tested as part of their routine exam.

About 1 million Americans have HIV -- but an estimated 25 percent do not know they have it. The new policy is meant to get medicines to that sector of infected people, to both extend their lives and cut the further spread of HIV.

According to the CDC, “the number of new cases of HIV each year could be decreased up to 30% with voluntary HIV screening.”

Dr. Galper will explain these new guidelines and will answer questions from members of the audience regarding permission, privacy, confidentiality, and insurance.

This presentation is sponsored by the Friends of the Copper Queen Library and is free and open to all members of the public.

For additional information, contact the library at 432-4232.