Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Insider’s Guide to the Library: Where Did Diana Gabaldon Go (…and Why)?

--by Hanje Richards & Peg White

As much as we try to retain the feel and flavor of our historic library, the more we find that at least some things must change. For instance, we acquire new materials regularly, and that means we need to find the space for them once they’re removed from our “New Books” displays.

Recently, we discovered that an area in the Fiction section needed some attention, because our volunteer shelvers had no more room to put books by authors whose last names begin with “G.” So, we started looking at books in that area (as well as “F” and “H”) with an eye toward making more space.

A great deal of thought and discussion went into what to do about the crowding. One solution (among many) was to reassess the placement of books by several authors, including Diana Gabaldon (about whom I did a recent blog post).

Her books legitimately belong in the Fiction section (since they are not Non-Fiction), but often – and just as legitimately – they are found in Fantasy (just as Andrew Greeley books can often be found in either Fiction or Mystery).

So… In an effort to make more room on the “G” shelves and to introduce the Gabaldon titles to some new readers, we decided to move them to the Fantasy section (and, by the way, some of Greeley to Mystery!).

Now, if you are looking for Gabaldon’s time travel series – Breath of Snow and Ashes, Dragonfly in Amber, Drums of Autumn, Fiery Cross, Lord John and the Private Matter, Outlander, and Voyager – you will find them shelved in Fantasy.

Her latest, An Echo in the Bone, is currently shelved on the New Titles Shelf near the circulation desk but will eventually be shelved in Fantasy with the rest of the titles.

Still not sure what’s where? Don’t be shy; just ask at the Circulation Desk!