Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday Fiction (& Non-Fiction, Too): 2010 Added Titles

This Friday, we're continuing to share the list of authors and titles (published in 2010) added so far to our "New Fiction" collection (see last week's post for more "New Fiction" titles). And today, we're adding something more.
This week, "Non-Fiction," "Audiobook," and "Movie" titles published in 2010 are also on the list. (Of course, we continue to add fantastic titles published in 2010 and in previous years, too). It's quite a variety! If anything looks interesting, be sure to log into your account (or give us a call) and place a hold on it.

More New Fiction Published in 2010

  • Bender, Aimee. The particular sadness of lemon cake
    Carey, Peter. Parrot and Olivier in America
    Child, Lee. 61 hours: a Reacher novel
    Cronin, Justin. The passage
    Egan, Jennifer. A visit from the Goon Squad
    Ellis, Bret Easton. Imperial bedrooms
    Erdrich, Louise. Shadow tag
    Fairstein, Linda A. Hell gate
    Ferris, Joshua. The unnamed
    Hamann, H. T. Anthropology of an American girl
    Hart, Erin. False mermaid
    Koryta, Michael. So cold the river
    McEwan, Ian. Solar
    Nicholls, David. One day

New Non-Fiction Published in 2010

  • Aaronovitch, David. Voodoo histories: the role of the conspiracy theory in shaping modern history
    Ariely, Dan. The upside of irrationality: the unexpected benefits of defying logic at work and at home
    Bartiromo, Maria. The 10 laws of enduring success
    Bush, Laura. Spoken from the heart
    Clay, Heather. Losing Charlotte
    Corbett, Christopher. The poker bride: the first Chinese in the Wild West
    Fishman, Loren. Yoga for osteoporosis: the complete guide
    Gardner, Renée. Southern Arizona's most haunted
    Glass, Charles. Americans in Paris: life and death under Nazi occupation
    Hayhurst, Dirk. The bullpen gospels: major league dreams of a minor league veteran
    Jessop, Carolyn. Triumph: life after the cult - survivor's lessons
    Leonard, Annie. The story of stuff: how our obsession with stuff is trashing the planet, our communities, and our health - and a vision for change
    Miller, Tom. Revenge of the saguaro: offbeat travels through America's Southwest
    Olson, Lynne. Citizens of London: the Americans who stood with Britain in its darkest, finest hour
    Penney, Alexandra. The bag lady papers: the priceless experience of losing it all
    Peterson, Roger Tory. Peterson field guide to birds of western North America (4th)
    Schuyler, Nick. Not without hope
    Shapiro, Dani. Devotion: a memoir
    Shelden, Michael. Mark Twain, man in white: the grand adventure of his final years
    Smith, Patti. Just kids
    Trussoni, Danielle. Angelology
    Vedantam, Shankar. The hidden brain: how our unconscious minds elect presidents, control markets, wage wars, and save our lives
    Weiner, Jonathan. Long for this world: the strange science of immortality
    Wells, Spencer. Pandora's seed: the unforseen cost of civilization
    Wiles, Rich. Behind the wall: life, love, and struggle in Palestine

New Audiobooks Published in 2010

  • Berry, Julie. The Amaranth enchantment
    Chevalier, Tracy. Remarkable creatures
    Chima, Cinda Williams. The Demon King
    Doig, Ivan. Dancing at the Rascal Fair
    Fairstein, Linda A. Hell gate
    Farmer, Philip José. The dark design
    Gordon, Roderick. Freefall
    Klause, Annette Curtis. The silver kiss
    Lupica, Mike. The million-dollar throw
    McDermid, Val. Beneath the bleeding
    Phillips, Caryl. In the falling snow
    Picoult, Jodi. House rules
    Spragg, Mark. Bone fire

New Movies Released in 2010

  • Bright star
    Coco before Chanel
    Good hair
    The hurt locker
    In the loop
    The messenger
    Precious: based on the novel 'Push' by Sapphire
    The road
    A serious man
    Up in the air
    Where the wild things are