Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year: Blog Posts in 2011

--by Hanje Richards

We'd like to include more types of library materials in our blog posts this year, so there will be a few changes to our current "Mystery Monday"/"Friday Fiction"/"Spotlight On..." schedule.

"Friday Fiction" will be expanded to include genre fiction as well. The focus may be on a particular author -- as in the past -- or it may expand to include a variety of authors and titles that write in a particular category of fiction (such as short stories, fantasy, mystery, or humor).

Since mysteries, as genre fiction, will now be included in "Friday Fiction," Monday will instead be devoted to a wide array of non-fiction. Watch for blog posts on biography, art, cooking, and a variety of other subjects.

And, finally, the "Spotlight On..." Children’s topics will be expanded to include the Easy, Juvenile, and Young Adult collections. We will continue to include both fiction and non-fiction topics and will cover a wide range of interests. These will be posted in the middle of the week.

Let us know what you think of our changes!