Friday, April 21, 2006

Check *This* Out!

Save the date!! Touring rock band The High Strung will make their only Southern Arizona stop in Bisbee on July 2 to "Rock the Rafters" on Main Street during the First National Rock 'n' Roll Library Tour.

Hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the best new, young rock & roll bands in America, NPR’s Ken Tucker named their debut album These Are The Good Times as one of the "Top 10 Rock Records of 2003," and the Washington Post called the title track “runner up best song of the year.” Their second album, Moxie Bravo, was just released.

In August of 2005, in a segment about the Library Tour, The High Strung was featured on National Public Radio's This American Life with Ira Glass and Alex Blumberg. The full 22-minute interview is archived on NPR's website.

After delivering a full hour set, the band will share their experiences and answer questions from kids and teens in the audience about making records for major music industry labels, creating videos for MTV, and what it's like road-touring year-round across the country.

In what’s also proven in the past to be a highlight, in a bit of spontaneous improv, the band will write a song on the spot based on audience suggestions.

And, in a brand new twist, the band's video crew promises to capture everything -- and burn a copy or two of the show to add to CQL's growing media collection!

Local teen rock bands interested in opening or closing for The High Strung are invited to contact the library by calling 432-4232 or dropping by 6 Main.