Monday, November 06, 2006

Local Author Nominated for Statewide Read

"It is July 20, 1989, early afternoon, monsoon season in the Sonoran Desert,
and I am going back to Bisbee..."

So begins local author Richard Shelton's Going Back to Bisbee (University of
Arizona Press), a powerful and evocative memoir of his journeys of discovery
to, from, and back to Bisbee, Arizona, and winner of the 1992 Western States
Book Award for Creative Nonfiction. The Arizona State Library has recognized
Shelton's work by nominating it as a candidate for the 2007 ONEBOOKAZ
statewide adult read.

Throughout November, Arizonans will be able to vote for the ONEBOOK title they'd
like to read and discuss in 2007, and the Copper Queen Library encourages all
Bisbee and Cochise County resident-readers to go online (
and let the State Library know that Shelton's book should be the title chosen as
a "must-read” for every adult in Arizona.

While encouraging broad appreciation of Arizona's remarkable history, heritage,

and culture, Going Back to Bisbee also explores the unique experiences of one
young man as he makes a life for himself teaching and writing in the post-war
American Southwest.

So compelling is his tale that the Copper Queen Library has already made plans

to feature it in April 2007 as part of a "Centennial Celebration Book Discussion
Series" highlighting Bisbee’s history and commemorating the library's hundredth
anniversary at its 6 Main Street location in Bisbee's Downtown Historic District.

For more information on the series or on voting to make Going Back to Bisbee

Arizona's ONEBOOK non-fiction title for 2007, contact the library at 432-4232.