Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Non-Fiction Collection Grows Even More

Over the past few months, the library has added over 75 new non-fiction
titles published in 2006 to its adult collections, including notable books by
Madeleine Albright, Tony Cohan, Michael Connelly, Alistair Cooke, Ann Coulter,
Dalai Lama XIV. Joe Eszterhas, John Grisham, E.D. Hirsch, Derrick Jensen,
Charles Kane, Frances Moore Lappé, Annie Leibovitz, Mireille Marokvia,
James Moore, Sonia Nazario, Greg Palast, Frank Rich, Gay Talese, Sandy
Tolan, Norah Vincent, Caspar Weinberger, and Steve Wozniak.

All listed titles may be borrowed for three weeks. To see the complete list
of 75+ titles, click here.

To see other titles available in the Copper Queen's collections, browse the
online catalog.