Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Books & Films Added to Southwest Collection

BISBEE, AZ – The Copper Queen Library recently expanded its Southwest Collection with the acquisition of the following titles in print and film:

Abbey, Edward. Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and salvos from an American iconoclast
Ball, Eve. Indeh, an Apache odyssey
Biography: Annie Oakley (DVD)
Biography: Jesse James (DVD)
Biography: The Earp brothers: Lawmen of the West (DVD)
Biography: Pancho Villa (DVD)
Bauver, Robert. Navajo and Pueblo earrings, 1850-1945: Collected by Robert V. Gallegos
Black Indians: An American story (DVD)
Blomquist, William A. Common waters, diverging streams: linking institutions to

water management in Arizona, California, and Colorado
Broyles, Bill. Desert babies A-Z
Broyles, Bill. Sunshot: Peril and wonder in the Gran Desierto
Cheek, Larry. Kokopelli
Corman, Troy E. The Arizona breeding bird atlas
Farnsworth, Janet. Rock art along the way
500 Nations (DVD)
Glover, Thomas E. The Lost Dutchman mine of Jacob Waltz
The Gold rush (DVD)
Grubbs, Bruce. Desert sense: Camping, hiking & biking in hot, dry climates
Guillory, Renee. Best hikes with dogs: Arizona
Hayes, Allan. The desert Southwest: Four thousand years of life and art
Hunt, Norman. The killing of Chester Bartell
Hunter, Linda Mason. Southwest style: A home-lover's guide to architecture and

Irish, Mary. Perennials for the Southwest: Plants that flourish in arid gardens
Kane, Charles W. Herbal medicine of the American Southwest: A guide to the

medicinal and edible plants of the Southwestern United States
Kaufman, Lynn. Roadrunners
Ken Burns Presents: The West (DVD)
Lowell, Susan. Cactus flowers
Manaster, Jane. Javelinas
Marshall, Ann. Home: Native people in the Southwest
Mojados through the night (DVD)
Morelli, Laura. Made in the Southwest: A shopper's guide to the region's best

Hispanic, Native American, and Western craft traditions
Morgan, Lee. The reaper's line: Life and death on the Mexican border
The orphan trains (DVD)
The real cowboy: Portrait of an American icon (DVD)
Rich, Jeffrey. Baby birds
Roberts, Gary L. Doc Holliday: The life and legend
Rohn, Arthur. Puebloan ruins of the Southwest
Silas, Anna. Journey to Hopi land
Townsend, Richard F. Casas Grandes in the art of the ancient Southwest
They came for good: A history of the Jews in the United States (v. 1-2) (DVD)
Transcontinental railroad (DVD)
Wagner, Rich. Tread lightly: Venomous and poisonous animals of the Southwest
Whitlock, Flint. Distant bugles, distant drums: The Union response to the

Confederate invasion of New Mexico