Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If you like Janet Evanovich...

--By Hanje Richards

If you like Janet Evanovich, you will be happy to know that her latest book is available in new adult fiction. (And, who’s counting (?), but it is number 15 in the Stephanie Plum series.) The title is Finger Lickin’ Fifteen.

We have a plethora of Janet Evanovich titles in mystery and fiction. If you like your mysteries on the light and humorous side, you will enjoy her!

But, my point here was to tell you about another author you will like, if you like Janet Evanovich. Her name is Lisa Lutz, and her series of three (so far) books about the Spellmans, a family of private investigators, is so funny that the mysteries are beside the point.

If you are like me and like to read series in chronological order, then you will want to read them in this order: The Spellman Files, The Curse of the Spellmans (both of which are to be found in the fiction section) and The Revenge of the Spellmans in new adult fiction.

Without giving too much away (because meeting the members of the family and the supporting cast is half the fun), the eldest daughter, Isabel, is the main character, along with her siblings David and Rae, her parents – who run Spellman Investigations (the family business) – and Uncle Ray, who is prone to “lost weekends.”

If you want some totally light, totally escapist, totally fun reading this summer (or any time)…check out the Spellmans!

If the title you are looking for is not currently available, we are happy to put a hold on it, so we can contact you when it does become available.