Monday, November 06, 2006

Bisbee Library to Celebrate Centennial!

...and Friends Group plans paint project!

In Spring 2007, the Copper Queen Library, one of Bisbee’s most
cultural treasures, will celebrate her hundredth birthday at the 6 Main Street
location in Downtown’s Historic District, and do we have a party planned!

Arizona’s oldest continuously-operating public library, the Copper
Queen was
actually established in 1882 on the east end of the Copper Queen Mercantile
Store but by 1885 had her own building –- a wood-framed two-story which
housed both the library and post office on the first floor and a meeting room

In 1892, a brick building with architecture similar to that of Bisbee’s Mining &
Historical Museum was built to serve as the library. In May 1906, however,
everything was removed from that structure and it was demolished to make way
for our current Queen, who opened her doors –- after nearly a year of very hard
work –- in Spring 1907.

According to every account, the new building was beautiful –- not only new books,

but new furniture, new floors, new fixtures, and a fresh new coat of paint showed
how fondly the citizens of Bisbee regarded their brand new Queen.

Today’s Queen still showcases some of that royal finery. Original furniture and

fixtures, lovingly crafted woodwork and cabinetry –- and some of the original
books as well, both those bought new in 1907 and those from the original 1882
collection -– can still be seen today, as locals and visitors pay their respects.

As Friends Board Member-at-Large Tom Ryan began considering ways to celebrate
the Queen’s birthday, it occurred to him that, while some of her interior furni-

ture, fixtures, cabinetry, and collections were still in place, her exterior hadn’t
fared quite as well.

Over time, her finery has faded, and the face she now presents to the world lacks

its former luster. Fortunately, a fresh face is as close as the idea, the energy,
and a few hundred buckets of paint!

So, Tom and the Friends are starting now to raise the $25,000 necessary to

restore the exterior –- to prepare, prime, and paint to match the original look
as closely as possible -– during CQL’s birthday year.

What better way to celebrate her Centennial and to reflect your respect and

regard? Join in today!

Send your (tax-deductible!) Restoration Donation to:
The Friends’ Fresh Face Fund, PO Box 1857, Bisbee, AZ 85603