Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CQL Adds New J-Book Series

BISBEE, AZ - The Copper Queen Library recently enriched its children's collections
by adding several new multi-title series to the Juvenile Collection:

Action for the Environment Series
Bedford, Deborah. Garbage disposal
Bellamy, Rufus. Clean air
Bellamy, Rufus. Protecting habitats
Bellamy, Rufus. Saving wildlife
Bellamy, Rufus. Food for all
Gilpin, Daniel. Transportation solutions
Oxlade, Chris. Energy supplies
Welton, Jude. Water supplies

Arts and Crafts of the Ancient World Series
Morris, Ting. Native Americans
Morris, Ting. Ancient China
Morris, Ting. Aztecs and Maya

ArtVenture! Series
Civardi, Anne. Sculpture: Three dimensions in art
Civardi, Anne. Action! Movement in art

Thomson, Leo. Sense of place: Landscapes
Thomson, Ruth. Look at me: Self-portraits

Campaigns for Change Series
Connolly, Sean. Religious freedom
Connolly, Sean. Gender equality
Connolly, Sean. Racial and ethnic equality
Connolly, Sean. Safeguarding the environment
Connolly, Sean. Rights at work
Connolly, Sean. Right to vote

Design & Make Series
Greathead, Helen. Clothes and shoes
Greathead, Helen. Cards
Greathead, Helen. Toys that move
Hodge, Susie. Puppets
Hodge, Susie. Picture frames
Hodge, Susie. Masks

Energy Sources Series
Morris, Neil. Nuclear power
Morris, Neil. Fossil fuels
Morris, Neil. Geothermal power
Morris, Neil. Biomass power
Morris, Neil. Solar power
Morris, Neil. Wind power

Morris, Neil. Water power

Food Chains in Action Series
Butterfield, Moira. Who eats who in grasslands?
Butterfield, Moira. Who eats who at the seashore?
Campbell, Andrew. Who eats who in rivers and lakes?
Campbell, Andrew. Who eats who in the desert?
Sneddon, Robert. Who eats who in the rainforest?
Sneddon, Robert. Who eats who in city habitats?

Making Sense of Science Series
Riley, Peter. Life on Earth
Riley, Peter. Forces and movement
Riley, Peter. The human body
Riley, Peter. The Earth and space
Riley, Peter. Sound and vibrations

Rich & Poor Series
Dargie, Richard. Mesopotamia (Iraq) in ancient times
Dargie, Richard. Ancient Rome
Hibbert, Clare. Ancient Egypt

Ross, Stewart. Ancient Greece