Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Just Watched...

..Milk, starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, directed by Gus Van Sant. This moving portrayal of Harvey Milk, the nation's first openly gay male city supervisor, had me in tears by the end, and I assure you, I don’t cry at just any movie! Brilliant!

Harvey Milk was an amazing person, who saw and experienced injustice and learned how to fight it in the political arena. Sean Penn did such an incredible job of portraying him, that at this point it is virtually impossible for me to separate the person of Harvey Milk and the actor who portrayed him in this film.

The entire cast was excellent and believable in their roles, but I especially want to mention Emile Hirsch in the role of Cleve Jones. Young, angry, and disaffected, Cleve Jones became a real political force in his own right, and he is played beautifully by Emile Hirsch.

If you like Milk, you may also be interested in the two documentaries that we showed at the library on Bisbee Pride Weekend: Before Stonewall and After Stonewall. The movies were well attended and really appreciated by the audience at the library.
If you didn’t get a chance to see them yet, they are excellent and available on DVD at the Copper Queen Library.
--By Hanje Richards