Friday, August 14, 2009

John Hodgman Makes Me Smile...

--by Hanje Richards

There is something about John Hodgman that makes me smile, giggle and, yes, even laugh out loud. I first noticed Hodgman on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart where he has appeared since 2005. He plays the “Resident Expert,” a nerdy egghead know-it-all. Later, I became aware of him in the "Get A Mac" series of advertisements for Apple Macintosh. He plays the “Personal Computer,” a nerdy, blow-hard, obese person who is constantly failing.

However, before all that minor TV celebrity, John Hodgman was already a writer. He has been a contributor at the New York Times Magazine and a frequent voice on This American Life on public radio as well as a plethora of other literary and comedy venues.

Two of his books are now available at the Copper Queen Library. The Areas of My Expertise and More Information Than You Require are both currently shelved in New Adult Non-Fiction on the main floor of the library. Soon, they'll be shelved upstairs in Non-Fiction at call number "818 Hodgman."

These books are crammed with craziness and filled with fun. They cover topics from “Information You Will Find Useful In The Present” to “There Is More Past Than You Thought,” to “The Presidents of the United States: Are They the New Hoboes?” to “Gambling: The Sport of the Asthmatic Man.”

Lots of tongue in cheek, lots of satire, lots of sarcasm, lots of fun. Maybe even a few giggles! Sound fun? Come on in and check them out!